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Don't be rude or pushy. You're entitled to your opinion and making it known, and I'm free to ignore any discourse that I feel isn't worth my time or energy. I only have so much of either.

-Fan art of many kinds!
-Lots of cussing and sexual innuendo.
-Stupid shit made for kicks.



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Stuff by my friends that I like, stuff that pertains to my specific fancies, and anything generally amazing or cool. :heart:

I fave and run a lot. Deal with it. :P




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If I accidentally reply to someone else's comment on your art, my apologies. DA's mobile version is glitching on me. I swear to fuck I type my comment in the main comment field. Just another irritating thing... today's been a sneaky hate spiral day.…
So I have a backlog of Joana shiptrash in my that I'm going to unload here. That's all. Those uninterested in my self-indulgence can just skip the whole batch if they desire! Warnings on content will be applied where necessary.
Sorry for the submission bomb. After going through it with a fine-tooth comb for the nth time, my is finally cleared out.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Collab with :icongroovy-gecko: We finished a couple weeks ago.

Content Warning: Joe is his usual horrible, abusive self. Hyde is just... kind of a prick. He looks like a prince next to Joe though.

1) Let's meet the two rivals, shall we?

Hyde: Edward Hyde. You lovely ladies can call me Ed. ;) Or stud. 

Joe: Ugh. You wish the ladies would fall at your charmless feet…

Hyde: At least I let ladies fall at my feet!


2) Why do they dislike/hate each other? When did their feud begin?

Joe: He always annoyed, but when his (admittedly fetching) alter ego stole my queen, I swore them both as my enemies.

Hyde: Hey, we didn’t steal your “queen”! *uses finger quotations* You bloody scared her off!

Joe: She’ll come back around. If I don’t drag her back first…

Hyde: What are you, a fucking caveman?

3) Which one has the most hate?

Joe: I cannot stand this boorish troglodyte.

Hyde: The feeling’s mutual, fishfuck.

4) Make them the opposite of who they are! Have them act as friends or even lovers!

Hyde: Don’t you fucking touch me! I know you want my balls but they’re for the ladies only!

Joe: Don’t flatter yourself, you ape. If you were in the form of the doctor, I’d be down to fuck. Not you.

Hyde: Ugh. For once, I pity poor Beanpole…

5) Have one of them play a prank on the other!

Joe: Oh look, there’s a two-for-one deal at the local whorehouse! Now when he’s distracted, that little slut is mine for the taking…

Hyde: Sweet!! Laura, sweetheart! Cover for me!

Laura: Gladly.

Joe: Fucking hell…

6) What would happen if they were locked in a room together for some time?

Joe: MARGARINE! Break the door.

Margarine: *CRASH* Where’s the flapjacks?!

Hyde: *puts away gun* Damn.

7) What could stop them from being enemies? Can't we all just get along?

Joe: He could stop standing in the way of my queen and me!

Hyde: OR you can fuck off back to the sea by yourself. Everyone’s happy.

Joe: Not going to happen.

8) Yeah right, it's time for a battle to the death!

Hyde: No bodyguards allowed.

Joe: Well forget it then.

Hyde: I knew it! *makes chicken noises* FUCKING FISH WUSS!

Joe: *punches him in the face*

Me: NO!!

Joe: Stay out of this, or you’ll get the same!

Hyde: Oh so he IS capable! *kicks him in the crotch*


9) Who wins?

Hyde: Obviously me.

Joe: Oh really?

Hyde: You didn’t want to fight because you couldn’t use your bodyguard for muscle. You forfe…forfe….quit! So I win by default!

Joe: If you can’t pronounce it, don’t even try. You look like a fool

Hyde: That’s not fair! I’m dysle…dyslexi…SOMEONE HELP ME OUT HERE!!

Emily: Dyslexic?

Hyde: That’s the one!

10) That wasn't pretty. Let's try something where no one get's hurt. Take your pick: Video games, chess, poker battle or whatever.

Joe: Do you even know how to play chess?

Hyde: I have more important, less nerdier things to do. Drinking contest?

Joe: Hmph. Do you know what leaks into the ocean these days? I can definitely hold my liquor.


11) Is there someone both characters admire? If not, then have another character intervening in a fight of theirs or whatever you want.

Hyde: Well duh! He has some delusion that my wifey is his “queen.”


Me: I’m not your wife, Hyde, and I’m sure as fuck not your queen, Joe!

Joe: You’re going to pay for this, you whore!

Hyde: Yeah, that’s going to have her come running back…

12) Is there anything the rivals have in common?

Joe: Being males and wanting this slut’s cunt, that’s all I can recall.

Hyde: I want a lot of cunts. ;)

Emily: Don’t be so vulgar!

Hyde: He started it!

Emily: I don’t care! I’ll finish it!

Hyde: With pleasure. :iconhurrplz:

Joe: What an insolent moron…

13) Switch roles! Maybe you'll empathize with each other that way! Or... not?

Joe: I don’t think I can dumb myself down enough for that.

Hyde: Yeah. And I’m not enough of a fucking swell-headed twat.

14) That's it, GROUP THERAPY!

Laura: *in lab coat and glasses* Hello, I’m Dr Laura. I’ll be taking your session today.

Joe: …I’ll take the possum back, thank you.

Hyde: Best doctor ever. :horny: I need a full body check-up, doctor.

Laura: *throws away clipboard* I’m gone. KELLY!

Kelly: Hi! :3 You guys want to use this turkey baster to shoot acid up my butt??

Hyde: Also gone!

15) Final thoughts, tag someone or whatever.

Hyde: Are your piranha wenches available right now? I still want that full body check-up.

Joe: They’re busy. If you crave an exam so badly, ask the whore. I’ll punish her later, but you can be off the hook this once.

Hyde: You’re…letting me ask my wifey to check me out naked? This lovable rogue smells a rat…

Me: He’s just looking for more excuses to hurt me later. Don’t take the bait.

Hyde: …Good call…though I wasn’t joking when I smelt a rat! *motorboats Roxie’s cleavage*

Roxie: OOO! Well, someone’s happy to see me. ;)


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I'm here for fun. My profession is paralegal work, and art is my hobby and escape from real life and all its stresses.

If you're new to my page and have any questions, please take a moment to browse my FAQs (to the left); you may find what you're looking for! :D

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. :batman:


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