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read before comment stamp by SheilaBrinson Dates Can Tell You A Lot by 13foxywolf666
That's all I really ask. I just hate having mistakes I noted in the description pointed out again in the comments, and lord help you if you ask me a question that I answered already... Okay I won't be a dick, but I'll be like "read the description honey." I'm also not fond of getting canon lectures on fan art that I submitted prior to new information coming out. Or canon purist lectures in general. It's fan art; it won't always jive with canon. If that's a problem for you, stick to official art.

No fighting allowed by Metadream

-Fan art of many kinds!
-Lots of cussing and sexual innuendo.
-Stupid shit made for kicks.



Stuff by my friends that I like, stuff that pertains to my specific fancies, and anything generally amazing or cool. :heart:

I fave and run a lot. Deal with it. :P

Guidelines & FAQs


1. Don't be a dick. You don't have to like what I do. I can't stop you from saying so, and far be it from me to restrict your right to free speech. However, if you insult me or go off about how bad my drawings are, I'm just going to ignore you. I don't have time for that shit.

2. Don't be demanding. You're not my boss; you're not paying me a salary; this isn't the office; you don't get to dictate my conduct and performance.

3. Don't steal anything. I'm not too paranoid about this, but I've had people repost my shit in the past and try to pass it off as their own, and it's extremely rude and childish. If you want to use my work or characters or ideas, I'm usually cool with it as long as you give me credit. See FAQs below for details.


Do you take requests?

NO. NO. No no no no. Would you ask a contractor to fix your roof for free? No, that would be rude. So is going around asking artists to give you free art.

Do you take commissions?

No. For one thing, I'd have to be paid through PayPal (which I don't know how to do yet) since there's no way I'd give my address out. For another, I'd psych myself out trying to give it my A-game and I just don't need that stress.

Do you do art trades?

Yes, but I don't always have time or energy. See my Trade Box just below this widget for trade rules.

Can I draw your character _______?

Be my guest! I'd be honoured. :) I appreciate being informed and if you have any questions, note me.

Can I include your character _______ in my written work?

Certainly, but please take the time to get to know them first. A drawing is easy, especially if they're just standing there. Writing is more involved and requires you to do characters' personalities justice. If anything is unclear you are more than welcome to note me for information. I'm always happy to help!

Can I post your drawing on _________?

That depends on what ________ is. Blogs and social network sites and private web sites I'm usually okay with as long as I'm credited for creating it. Sites like here or FA I take on a case by case basis. Usually if you want to post a drawing I did for you on your account, provided all credit to me is noted, I'll say yes. More than anything, I just like to be asked first. It shows courtesy.

Can I use your pictures for pose/character references?

Yes by all means! If using my work as a guide for poses or anatomy will help you, I'm more than happy to help fellow artists improve. I don't do any tutorials, and I'm far from an expert on anatomy, but I like to think I have a decent handle on the basics. If there's anything in my gallery that will assist you artistically, have at it. All I ask it that you don't outright trace or copy pictures and put them in your gallery without asking my permission.

As for character designs, if it's my OCs or fan-characters, then yeah, duh. Use my pictures. For characters in fandoms, just know that I tend to put my own personal spin on them. What you see in my drawings won't always match the official art.

Want to RP?

Oi... I'll admit, I get caught up in little comment thread RPs with my friends all the time. Official RPing, especially with people I don't know well, I'm pretty wary about. Feel free to ask, but if I politely decline don't take it personally.

Are you going to draw more of ________?

Every time I get asked this question, a baby bunny gets run over by a lawn mower. I draw what I feel like when I feel like it. I ride the tide of my inspiration and make very little attempt to steer one way or another. Sometimes, I stop drawing a theme forever. It's just how I am. I'm sorry if you're disappointed that I'm not drawing your favourite things anymore, but tough. I'm not going to force myself to draw things I don't feel like drawing to make random internet-goers momentarily happy. If you watched me for a theme I draw and I stop, I won't hunt you down with a pitchfork for un-watching me. ;) There's no sense in having your inbox cluttered by crap you don't care to see.

Did you read/see my latest art/story/journal?

Every time I get a message like this, a funny-looking guy gets fed through a wood-chipper. Odds are, if I haven't made a comment or what-not, I haven't looked at it yet. You'll know when I do, if I do. Frankly people asking me this question makes the gremlin in me not want to look out of pure spite.

Insert any question on a deviation or journal that is clearly answered in the text above

Listen you lazy sod, if you don't want to take the time to read the description, then don't ask questions. Just comment on the obvious content or the execution of the piece. Or don't comment. I'd rather get no comment at all than be asked a question I've already answered.


Trade Box

Trades - Closed by SweetDuke If you're on the waitlist, I'll address you as soon as I can, but no more reservations.

I can be sort of lenient about that, but if you come bounding out of the blue and I don't know you from Adam and you ask for an art trade, I'm likely going to say no.


a. Keep it fairly simple. I'll do the same for you. ;) No one needs to paint the Sistine Chapel here.

b. Sometimes I won't want to draw what you ask for. This is rare. I'm pretty open-minded to other people's ships and OCs and all that jazz, but if you ask me to draw a guy attempting to rape a 12 year old girl (someone asked for this once, I shit you not) or something just as bad, it's NOT going to happen. The same applies in reverse. If you find my idea for you uncomfortable or just a bitch to draw/write, we can revise the trade.

b.2. I'm pretty open about fandoms, but if you ask for something outside of a fandom of my interest it's going to need to be simpler than elsewise. I don't have enough time or energy to thoroughly familiarize myself with new fandoms all the time. Just something to keep in mind.

c. I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy Don't EVER rush me. I'm usually very prompt about finishing trades, but since I'm not psychic I can't foresee everything that will happen in a given week. I'll be in touch with you if anything comes up that would delay it beyond a week.

d. Only one trade at a time per person. I prefer to wait a week at least before trading again with the same person, but you can ask for a slot on the waitlist any time. Others may go ahead of you though until said week's wait is done.

e. You have three months after I post my end to get yours done or I'm putting it in storage. Exceptions apply if you contact me advising me of extenuating circumstances. If you come back and post your end late, I'll bring the stored trade back out for you. If a year has passed and you still haven't delivered, I will delete the picture from my gallery. Again, if you come back and post your end, I'll repost the trade for you.

f. I only work on three trades or less at a time, so anyone who asks me for a trade when I have three going on will be put in the waitlist and contacted when I'm ready for them. It's first-come, first-serve, so if you're down a ways on the waitlist you'll just have to be patient.

Note: since I moved my work station away from my scanner, I may have more than 3 trades in the 'current' section. I work on three at a time, and when I'm done with the drawing I'll move on to who's next on the waitlist. If it's 'complete, need to scan,' it's technically done and I can start on more. Hope that makes sense.

Trades I've finished my end for:

:iconjess06: -- posted Aug. 4 2013 -- in touch
:iconakariwolf123: -- posted August 15 2013 -- TRADE IN STORAGE
:iconwinged-panther: -- posted December 21, 2013
:iconpauline-the-cat: -- posted February 2, 2014
:iconreneedalton: -- posted February 16, 2014
:iconmaganneal: -- posted Februarty 23, 2014
:iconvampgurl449: -- posted March 1, 2014
:iconladyofthegeneral: -- posted March 10, 2014
:iconlady-hotenhoffer: -- posted April 16, 2014
:iconbenstiller14: -- posted April 16, 2014

Current Trades:





Just a list of blogs I read on a regular basis.

Hyperbole and a Half:…
The Oatmeal:
Sweaters For Days:
Something Short and Snappy:…
Manifesto on Moral Mansex: manifestoonmoralmansex.tumblr.…
The Coquette:
Dear Coquette:
To My Husband:
Fuck My Life:
STFU Couples: More for the comments than the entries


Stolen from Prosper

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 1:35 PM
I'm bored and a bit shaken, so I'm going to do this meme :iconprosper-the-xviii: just filled out. I think I've done it before, so I'll try to vary it a little.

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1.)  Get a job.
3.)  Drink a glass of wine. (Everyday shit counts!)

Three Names You Go By:
1.)  Diana
2.)  Foxy
3.)  Doughnut. Parents only.

Three Screen Names:
1.)  13foxywolf666
2.)  my personal email
3.)  my 'business' email

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1.)  I'm pretty fit. Not strong, but I get a lot of aerobic exercise.
2.)  Beauty. Good genes; thank you mom and daddy!
3.)  Except for myopia and occasional knee issues, there's not much cause for complaint. I have it pretty good in the physical department.

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1.)  English (most of dad's side)
2.)  Czech (1/4)
3.)  Irish (1/8)

Three Things That Scare You:
1.)  Filth and germs
2.)  Permanent disability/loss of limbs or eyes
3.)  Having everything destroyed by a natural disaster

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1.)  FOOD. If I don't eat my meals, lord help you all...
2.)  Exercise of some sort.
3.)  A shower/bath (Prosper put this on hers, and it's true for me too. I go fucking stir-crazy if I can't wash myself.)

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.)  The Fluttershy shirt :iconsideshowbobfanatic: gave me for my birthday (Or was it Christmas? My memory is terrible.) a while ago. :love: Love this shirt.
2.)  Black sweatpants.
3.)  Bra/underwear/socks.

Three Of Your Favourite Bands/Musical Artists:
1.)  Lady GaGa
2.)  Pink Floyd
3.)  Rolling Stones

Three Of Your Favourite Songs (I'll just go with faves from the aforementioned):
1.)  Bad Romance.
2.)  Comfortably Numb
3.)  Sympathy for the Devil.

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1.)  Independence. Not just financially, though being able to hold our own money-wise is going to be a mutual condition. I want someone who won't cling like a rash. Have your own life and hobbies, and don't act all dejected when I want some time to do my own shit.
2.)  Intelligence and sense of humour. And common sense.
3.)  Attractive. Physically. There's all kinds of attractive out there and I'm pretty open when it comes to 'types,' but basically if I can't see myself fucking you, it's not going beyond platonic friendship.

Two Truths And A Lie (in no particular order):
1.)  I got the ever-loving shit scared out of me by princess juggernaut when she yanked the leash out of my hand to go after a rabbit, and I chased her all the way to a neighbor's property before I could sneak up and grab her, all the while praying to the flying spaghetti monster that our other stupid neighbor wouldn't drive by since this little idiot has a fetish for big moving vehicles. Worst. Walk. Ever.
2.)  I'm never holding a leash with leather-padded gloves again, unless there's a fence around us.
3.)  I pee in the shower! :lol:

Duh, the first two are truths. Dany gave mom and me a good scare. Thankfully the worst case scenario didn't happen.
I make sure my business is good and done before I go into the shower. I leave the multitasking to Kelly.

Three Of Your Favourite Hobbies:
1.)  Drawing
2.)  Reading
3.)  Listening to music

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1.)  Have wine. No Foxy, you have to wait you little sot.
2.)  Hug Dany since I'm grateful all's well. But she's napping and that would be mean.
3.)  Will 9pm closer... closer... CLOSER.

Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1.) Detective
2.) Parole officer
3.) Paralegal

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1.)  New York
2.)  England
3.)  New Zealand

Three Kid's Names You Like:
1.)  Evangeline
2.)  Alexandra (I was actually hoping Will and Kate would have a girl, since that was the name they had in mind. :lol: )
3.)  James

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1.)  I love designing clothes and drooling over 'fashion porn.' Same goes for jewelry!
2.)  I have a vagina.
3.)  My iTunes is brimming with Britney Spears and other pop artists of similar types. (Another one of Prosper's, and it's true for me. I regret nothing! :P )

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1.)  I'm a sucker for medieval violence. Though I honestly think it appeals to that deep, cave-woman desire for a mate that will kick ass and take no prisoners. Not something I actually seek in real relationships, but I gotta indulge the primal part of me somehow!
2.)  I'm attracted to women.
3.)  I am a total sucker for poop humor; I watch Family Guy, the word 'diarrhea' sends me into fist of giggles and I take pride in my belches. (Another of Prospers. We have a lot in common!)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm here for fun. My profession is paralegal work (as soon as I earn my degree in it), and art is my hobby and escape from real life and all its stresses.

If you're new to my page and have any questions, please take a moment to browse my FAQs (to the left); you may find what you're looking for! :D

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. :batman:


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I do not take requests. If you're here for free art, you're in the wrong place.

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Radioactive-Cryptid 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Foxy! Are you a fan of Robot Chicken by any chance?
13foxywolf666 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I haven't seen a whole lot of the show, but the clips I have are hilarious! :)
Radioactive-Cryptid 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There are these Robot Chicken DC Specials that have Pengy in them, they're quite a hoot! 
13foxywolf666 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know I saw one of those, the March of the Penguins parody. Had me in stitches!
(1 Reply)
maxvision92 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
So I decided today to never name any swords I may find, or have a character name theirs, because of this GIFset:… You can't deny the Hound has a point there.
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